How Karmagawa Is Savings Animals And Fighting Poachers

By Timothy Sykes
A few weeks ago I wrote this blog entitled “I Just Cracked”


…and I said I was developing a plan to fix the problem...and Karmagawa is that plan!

Here’s a video that the Karmagawa team and I have been working on that is step #1 in taking the battle to animal poachers:


While I think pretty much everyone knows there are endangered animals on the verge of extinction down in Africa, far too few people know that a.) 40% of terrorism is funded by illegal animal poaching b.) the endangered species aren’t some little-known animal, but instead two of the most popular animals, rhinos and elephants, each of which have only 5-10 years left in existence at their current rates of being poached c.) the problem is great, but we can actually fight back through education and various strategies like those outlined in the video above and d.) a little known charity called http://vetpaw.org has the experience and know how in beating poachers and saving the animals from harm, they just need our help in terms of exposure and funding.

All of this is why we're SO proud for Karmagawa to have donated $200,000 so far to http://vetpaw.org but we also surprised them with another $50,000 gift this week:
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We’re so glad you like the http://tim.ly/sam video and we’re proud to announce another $50,000 donation from @karmagawa to @vetpaw to help in the fight against poachers, bringing us to $250,000 in donations so far and this is just the start as we’ll have the @karmagawa online store up tomorrow so you can buy apparel designed by @badboi that will go to helping charities like @vetpaw and @pencilsofpromise and @balichildrensproject help more children and animals and so many more worthy causes too! When http://karmagawa.com finally goes live tomorrow you’ll see we intend on donating hundreds of millions of dollars in the coming years as our goal is to build 1,000+ schools so we #dreambig and with our awesome community behind us, we’re going to make it happen! #karmagawa #vetpaw #givingback #charity #donation #samkolder #urgent #savetheelephants #veterans #tia #savetherhino #animallover #protectandserve

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You see this is the beauty of this battle, while it is tragic, it’s not lost yet and we are at a unique time in history where we can actually do something about it and fight back like at no other time in the past…it’s not just about who can donate big amounts like I’m doing (although it is good to prove that we're serious by putting some serious money behind our efforts), EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO WATCHES THE ABOVE VIDEO CAN ALSO HELP JOIN THE FIGHT!

You might be like some people who message me and basically say: Tim, c’mon, I like your work and I appreciate it, but I’m based in xxxx so there’s no way I can I can actually be of much help, I don’t have any money nor can I go down to Africa and volunteer”…to which I always reply, you must understand that social media is changing the world and by sharing this video with your friends, family, on social media, it gets more and more views so it can reach people who will learn about the issue and how urgent it is and they will be a.) in Africa so they can volunteer b.) have money so they can donate c.) know someone with money who can donate d.) share it with their friends, family and social media following thus helping everyone get educated sooner rather than later!

So please join the http://karmagawa.com community and share this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YucNRt9eLBs  on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitch or any other platform of your choosing so that more people can see how urgent this is as if we do nothing we will lose 2 of our most beloved species within this decade, but with your help, and the help of other compassionate people, we will turn the tide on these poachers, fight terrorism, save these animals and along with it the economic future of Africa which needs these animals to survive and thrive too for their important tourism industry which I haven’t even gotten into.
Yes, I normally just teach about stocks and finance, but this is one lesson we cannot afford to ignore, please watch and share this video ASAP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YucNRt9eLBs

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