n. (kar·ma ˈkärmə)

the result of a person's actions, or destiny.

v. (gumawa' gawain)

to do or make in the Tagalog language of the Philippines.


to make your own destiny where the more good deeds you do, the more positive your destiny.

Our Progress


Schools & Libraries Built


Animals Helped


Meals Served

Our Mission

Charities we donate to:

Our Founders

Timothy Sykes

Karmagawa co-founder Timothy Sykes is a stock trader, teacher, blogger at timothysykes.com , world traveler with 117 countries visited and philanthropist, having donated $3+ million to charity in the past 3 years who has been featured by Forbes  Inc.comand News.com

Mattheau Abad

Karmagawa co-founder Mattheau Abad is an artist/celebrity photographer.

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